Complete Pottery Techniques
Complete Pottery Techniques

Complete Pottery Techniques


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Signed by Jess Jos, the main author and consultant.

As the main author and consultant, I made this book for my younger self. Just starting to study ceramics and needing to know everything all at once. There is so much to learn and each new technique is as thrilling to discover as the last. It was a pleasure to invite other makers whose work I admire to contribute and explain their technique. This book is broad and accessible for new makers as well as to those who are looking to expand their knowledge. 

Published by DK:

Beginning with such basics as preparing and storing clay and developing your design skills, the book then takes an in-depth look at forming, decorating, and firing.

Beautiful photographs of inspirational pieces show you what you can achieve using different techniques.

With the expert advice of makers working across a range of styles - from classic to cutting-edge contemporary - Complete Pottery Techniques helps you master every skill needed to bring your ideas to life.

Hardcover: 256 pages


Size: 216 x 261 mm