Raku workshop
Raku workshop
Raku workshop

Raku workshop


Sunday's 4.30pm - 7.30pm 

Except Sunday 20th Aug, 5.30-8.30pm

Raku firing is a unique way to finish pots often resulting in glazes which have a lot of variation to them. Bisque (once fired pots) are glazed with low firing glazes and placed in an outdoor gas fired kiln. The pots are fired relatively fast, once the glaze has melted they are then taken out of the hot kiln (1000C), placed into a bucket and covered with sawdust. Depending on the technique used, glazes can appear crackled, lustred or the pots can be decorated with horse hair.  

This workshop is only suitable for people who already have Bisque fired pots and is only a glazing and firing workshop. You will need to bring your own Bisque pots, made in a suitable clay (crank, White St Thomas or grogged porcelain). Every student will have the equivalent of 1/2 a 42 cm shelf worth of firing space (see photo for an illustration of how many pots you can bring). Glazes will be provided and you will be able to take your glazed pots home with you that evening. Due to the unusual way these pots are fired, they will always remain porous and are therefore not food safe.

Please only book the workshop if you are able to bring your own pots. If you would like to make pots in one of my courses this will need to be arranged in advance so that you use the correct clay and your pots are fired in time for a raku workshop. Contact me if you have any questions about this or any other course. 

The cost of the course includes all tools, materials and firings. All classes are held in my studio on Stepney City Farm, Stepney Way, London E1 3DG.

This class is only offered during the summer months of May - August. 

This is lead by established potter, Jess Jos, who makes tableware for various top restaurants in and around London as well as raku fired plant pots for shops and galleries. You can also find her pots at Stepney City Farm farmer's market every Saturday as well as ceramic and craft fairs around London.

Cancellation policy:
A full refund can only be given within 14 days from the initial date of booking.
You can reschedule your class provided I am given at least 7 days notice before your class date.
Regrettably I am unable to change any bookings if LESS than 7 days notice is given.