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Covid-19 update

Following government recommendations regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, the studio is now closed for all pottery classes. The safety of students, teachers and staff is my top priority. I have already postponed classes for March-May and have contacted all affected students. If my email hasn't reached you then please check your spam folder or get in touch. I promise to keep you all updated pending further developments and I appreciate your patience and understanding. Once it is safe for pottery classes to resume, priority booking will be given to those students who have had classes postponed. Sign up to the mailing list to find out when pottery classes reopen fully. Gift vouchers are still available.     

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Covid-19, studio closed

We have suspended all classes for March - April 2020 and are closely monitoring the situation. We have closed the studio and will be keeping any uncollected student pottery until we can reopen again. We have emailed 400+ students to rearrange classes and appreciate your patience whilst we navigate this uncertain time. 

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klei shop

I've opened a pottery shop with Skye Corewijn in Netil Market. It's called klei, the Afrikaans word for clay. The name is a nod to our South African Heritage. Open Friday's to Sunday's we look forward to welcoming you. 

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